One day, Princess and Good Witch joined the witch party. “But I’m not a witch!” Said Princess. “Well, you can dress like one!” Good Witch suggested. So Princess went anyway dressed up just like a witch. They had fun until one witch at the party asked Princess to fly on her magic broom. Of course she could not. Princess did not want to tell lies and so she confessed she was not one of them. The witches were shocked but they forgive her for being truthful and best of all, they asked her to stay and continued the fun! Hurray!


One day, Princess and Good Witch decided to do some gardening. Firstly they dug a small hole. Then they dropped in some apple seeds. Covered the seeds with more soil. Then watered it. Huh, it was lots of work! And now, it’s time for some magic! Good Witch used her wand and swoosh, the apple tree grew so tall and its time to pluck some juicy red apples to eat! They laughed gleefully!


Once upon a time, there was a Little Girl who was always shouting or talking at the top of her lungs. Mummy said it was rude. Papa said no. Teacher said no good. Still she never changed. One day, it was a school outing to the library. Teacher warned her that she had to keep her voice low. But as usual, she shouted, “wow it is so quiet in here!” And all her friends and teachers and everybody else at the library turned to her and said a “shhhhhhhhh.” She turned red, totally embarrassed and from that day onwards, she never shout anymore.

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